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Client: Arketipo
Dates: 2016

Finding balance has become a complex art, both in life and in the more material manifestations of our daily lives; Oracle has been described as "an illusion," a "law-compliant structure of interior physics," and even "a central point." Oracle's goal is to find balance in its structural form.

The base is a complex product: three metal circles that meet in different points demonstrating that elegance can be art and that luxury can cross borders, available in micaceous brown, brass, titanium and oxy grey.


The top can be circular or oval and is available in moka oak or sucupira and Emperador or Niveo White marble with the rotating Lazy Susan tray, which integrates perfectly into the table. The only way Oracle's original design could be improved to enhance its lightness, balance and harmony was to highlight what makes it unique: the structure of the base. The latter has become visible through an invisible element: glass.


Oracle didn't get rid of what made it unique, on the contrary it made it more visible. Oracle shows us that rooms can find a balance, you just need to know how to find it.

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