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Client: Ronda Design
Dates: 2018

Levia is a bookcase in painted metal with minimalist features, where the light figure is combined with a robust soul.‎‎ Characterized by a geometric play of heights and joints, it reveals an exclusive design and surprising aesthetics.‎‎ It is available in three sizes and in nine finishes.‎

Levia is a bookcase that comes from a minimalist, almost abstract trait.‎‎
The thin lines and the light figure, which make it extremely versatile, design a painted metal structure that reveals a strong, robust and spacious soul.‎‎

A geometric play of heights and joints is created by the particular and asymmetrical arrangement of the capacious shelves which, supported by the thin vertical bars of the structure, seem to hang from tapered metal wires.‎‎ The result is an exclusive and surprising design.‎‎

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