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Client: Draenert
Dates: 2015

The term synchronicity describes the principle of a simultaneous occurrence of events or procedures, which are subject to a unifying order.


An innovative combined lifting and lowering linear rotation mechanism that is part of Fontana tables allows the tabletop to be extended and retracted in a seemingly synchronous movement.


The ease with which the heavy natural stone extensions can be moved is breathtaking. They snap into place without a visible change of position. This is doubly impressive, as the seemingly magical process is purely mechanical and can easily be accomplished by the user.And, moreover, in a self-explanatory way.This operation is easy to perform and does not require any effort, as the well thought-out construction of the fountain makes this process very simple.

The design of the dining table ensures that the overall installation space is reduced, resulting in more legroom for people seated.


To make Fontana adaptable to different living environments, it is possible to choose from 180 different types of stone, various table tops and edge geometries as well as two types of bases. In its harmonious combination of design vocabulary and functionality, this table embodies the allure of good design, which can take many different forms.

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