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Client: Ronda Design
Dates: 2010

Caddy is a highly innovative furnishing system which is based on the strength of magnetism to create compositions that are always new and changeable over time.
Inspired by the needs of contemporary, dynamic and constantly changing living, CADDY represents a concept that is no longer just aesthetic but extremely functional. 
Its modularity makes it possible to offer a wide range of repositionable elements to meet the needs of any environment; the peculiarity is the use of different materials: ceramic, wood and sheet metal, which can be considered as a single magnetic surface where each accessory can be freely positioned.

Technically, the system consists of a set of metal panels to be fixed to the wall using a rack and a wide range of magnetic accessories (shelves, mirrors, lamps, hangers, kitchen accessories and bathroom accessories) which can be applied freely on its surface and they can reposition infinite times.
A new expressive language that revolutionizes the old concept of boiserie through the "magic" of magnetism, which makes not only the painted sheet metal panels magnetic, but also the panels in wood, ceramic, glass and mirror.


The Caddy system panels are made of painted iron, as are most of the shelves and accessories. 
The material coverings for the panels are made of ceramic (porcelain stoneware), mirror or MDF veneered in Canaletto walnut, natural oak, smoked oak or black ash.


The Caddy system panels are made with folded sheet metal and subsequently powder or liquid painted with manual clouding for a burnished effect. The material coverings are manually glued onto the metal panel; metal accessories are generally made with manual welding or joints.

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